Buckeye Brick

Name: Buckeye Block Roseville, O(hio)

Dimensions: 9 inches long (estimate), 4 inches wide (face), 3 inches height (top to bottom)

Location Found: Scioto River near the new Crew Stadium

Features: Brick “sheen”

Weight: 8 lbs

The Buckeye Pressed Brick Company (via Roseville Historical Society)((PDF for viewing))

I had about 15 minutes of “bricking” which I have not had in a few years. I was tasked with making a walkway for our new deck and I sensed I would be a few bricks short. I have been driving by a “money” spot all summer and knew with the river having been low for months, it would be prime picking. I did not have to look long or hard to get the spares I needed. I was surprised and happy to find one I did not have (although less than ideal condition) as easily as I did.