If you are now an established Brick Hound, then you may want to get this book from the Dean of Ohio Brick Hunters Don Dzuro. Historic Ohio Bricks is a self published, small batch compendium of Ohio Bricks that can not be equaled. Clocking in at 407 pages this book lists out information on over 2400 different bricks styles created in the Buckeye State. The listing of Brick Manufacturers and individuals known to made bricks covers pages 348 to 406, so if you thought your Ohio brick collection was complete…..there is some daunting news for you in this tomb of knowledge.

Historic Bricks

Most listings for bricks include a sketch outline, black and white photograph or color photograph of the brick as well as any known information about the brick and where it was made. You can not buy this book on Amazon or local bookseller. Your best bet is to write Don and ask if he has any left. Inquiries can be mailed to Don Dzuro, 709 Sharon Street, Akron, Ohio 44314.

I did borrow the 2008 edition via interlibrary loan and you can read about that -> HERE.

The new edition is very similar but does have some improvements and more information.