The phenomenon of blocks and Ohio Breweries continues. This time, I discovered a great patio of block pavers at Phoenix Brewing Company on Mansfield, Ohio. Sighted at the patio were mostly Canton Metropolitan Blocks and a few Century Blocks (there may have been some other block styles as well, I was in a hurry for a meeting so I did not have time explore in-depth. The area surrounding the brewery had many blocks in the streets and elsewhere. By report, the owners of the brewery cleaned and processed each block by hand – those of you that have scraped asphalt, mortar, etc., know what a pain that is for one block let alone hundreds. The brewery was exceptional.


If you know of any Ohio breweries that feature Ohio Blocks let me know. So far we know they can be found at Star Brewing, Seventh Son Brewing, Phoenix Brewing, Jackie O’s, Weasel Boy, and West End Cider House.