Sometimes worlds collide. Most of my life is focused on promoting, exploring and writing about the world of food and beer. And I occasionally indulge in bricks. But in this place I found a restaurant that is a treasure trove of classic Ohio blocks. If you are passing through Mansfield and love pizza and much as you love 100-year-old vitrified paving blocks, then you MUST go to the Leaning Tower of Pizza. The place has blocks galore and a lot of moxie.

Among the blocks I spied:

  • Metropolitan Block
  • Perkins Block
  • Hallwood Block
  • Wooster Paver
  • 1898 Medal
  • Bolen
  • Minerva Block
  • IMG_2613



    The entire floor of the inside part of the restaurant is paved with a mix of block pavers (just a few examples were shown above). On the outside, the steps leading down to the door are bordered by layers of Metropolitan Blocks. The place dates to the 1950’s but I’m unsure when the blocks made the way to the building.



    You can find these blocks at:
    Leaning Tower of Pizza
    180 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44907
    (419) 525-3462