Name (sidestamp): S & M Bros. Sugarcreek Ohio

Dimensions: 8 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches height

Location Found: Clintonville

History: S & M stands for Shepfer & Moomas Brothers

Weight: 8 lbs

I found this brick in a site I have picked over at least ten times in a spot I have picked over each time through. I found this -> link which gives some more background on the brick industry in Sugarcreek Ohio. You can read some of the background copied below.

Sugarcreek is the only Ohio town around with such a longstanding, world-famous brick and tile industry. Early on, enterprises like Finzer Brothers Clay Company, the Shepfer & Moomas Brothers, and Sugarcreek Clay Product Company, mined the clay, building tall, beehive-shaped kilns to fire the bricks. The yellow brick found on many of the older farmhouses in Amish Country were likely made in these kilns. Many fine homes and buildings in the eastern U.S. were built with Sugarcreek brick, as well.

The local clay plants now belong to Belden Brick Company of Canton, including an ultra-modern facility in Sugarcreek. The old-fashioned beehive kilns are rare today, but not extinct. Belden still fires up some of the original kilns to make bricks with distinct historical colors and aesthetic effects that they just can’t produce in their more modern tunnel kilns.