There is an US Forest Service station located on SR 33 between Nelsonville and the Plains. I pass the place many times a year to and from Athens adventures. It does not have a public bathroom so I don’t make a point to drop in as a way station. However, it does have a lot to offer in the form of a short walking trail about the flora and fauna of the nearby forests, some maps and most importantly blocks of Ohio.

Paving the area in front of the information kiosk as well as the sidewalks and many of the gardens are old blocks from long since demised brick plants of the region. Taking some time to walk the length of the area, these were the style of blocks I spotted. I am sure I missed a few.


Nelsonville Block
Reverse Nelson – Nelsonville Block
Nelsonville Block with Triangle Lugs
Logan Block
Hocking Valley Block
Hocking Block
Hocking Valley
East Clayton

There were two blocks I found interesting. The thinner lettering, raised font Hocking Valley is a style I have not encountered before. I also found one of these that was missing the letter G. The G was not knocked off, the surface underneath was smooth and unblemished, it was just not added when fired in the kiln over a century ago. If you have a few moments to kill with a stroll through area block and natural history, this is well worth the price of admission (free).