Victorian Village is as much as a bricktopia as German Village.  Among the best examples of Victorian Era Opulence is this area of sidewalk pavers. While it was common to pave the sidewalks with common bricks, the affluent could afford to upgrade to a higher grade of sidewalk paver.  You can find this excellent example a paver paved sidewalk near the corner of Lundy and Dennison.


Take a look below, these pavers look like Haydenville Sidewalk Pavers….but they are not, or at least they are a different version of them. The difference can be seen in the center area of the paver seen below.


These pavers were typically laid in a diagonal herringbone pattern. Most likely, they have been in the same spot since sometime between 1890 and 1910. The process was pretty easy, not unlike playing with Legos, but, these Vitrified Pavers are tough. The bricklayers in the past were adept at cutting these bricks at angles. I have experimented on a few broken examples and I have yet to figure out the cutting technique that might work on these.