Just south of Schiller Park, bordered by East Deshler to the North, Parsons Ave. to the East, Thurman Ave. to the south and City Park Ave. to the west lies Redbud alley.

The alley has at least 18 different styles of bricks paving the alley.  The most common is Athens Block.  If you have the time and a keen eye, you can walk the length of the alley to see how many  other styles of brick you can find.  Some are clustered together, others line the perimeter of the alley or are obscured with gravel – all in all it is a good introduction to the variety of pavers used.  As guessed at in the article I linked in the first paragraph, the alley was probably paved with scraps from other street paving projects in the area and placed down face up to get more paving space on a lightly traveled alley way.