G Micheals

On a small stretch of 3rd St in German Village, visitors have several great choices – G. Michaels, Pistacia Vera and Katzingers.  Nestled in between these business are several hard to find Ohio Blocks that I have not seen anywhere else in town.  These bricks pay tribute to the history of German Village and add to the character of the area.

G. Michaels has a block patio / parking area that is largely filled with Nelsonville Block – but a section of it has a few 20th Century (blocks) and a sole Massillon S & FB Co.

20th JPG


Heading north towards Katzingers you will pass a house with an entire sidewalk full of Haydenville Bullseye sidewalk Pavers.  In the day (1890 to 1910) this house would have been owned by a person of means, since these were the BMW of bricks and people paid to have their sidewalk paved with bricks to get property values up. This is how people would have tried to keep up with the Schmidt’s in the neighborhood.


Finally, just before you pass the section of sidewalk before Katzingers, there is a small section of Portsmouth Blocks – this is the only place in town I have seen these, other than my supply of 60 I salvaged from a ravine.