Once you have a taste for Brickology an eighth sense or maybe a third eye develops for blocks when traveling through older parts of town.  I have not spent a lot of time in Bexley but in the last year, while cutting through neighborhood street to avoid traffic, I have noticed that a good bit of the character of turn of the century central Ohio has been preserved in the city.  And my guess, is that Bexley was affluent in the past as well so it heartens me to see that some of he history of was so well-preserved in spite of a century of change.


The best block area is bordered on the south by Broad Street and on the north by Maryland Ave (?).  Roosevelt is an almost all brick street between these two north/south arteries.  Other north/south arteries feature brick gutters and curbs which are in incredible shape considering their one hundred plus years of service. There is a lot of history in Bexley (food wise – take a look at Rubinos and Johnson’s Ice Cream) and it is nice to see that some of it resides in the streets.