Nelsonville Ohio is about 1 hour from Columbus and 20 minutes from Athens.  Before the Lancaster by-pass became a reality, I used to curse Nelsonville (and more so Lancaster) for slowing my drive to Athens.  After the Lancaster bypass was completed, I settled down a bit and just grumbled.  I did not appreciate Nelsonville.  All I knew about it was that a movie was filmed them in the 1980’s.  As I started to spend more time in south-east Ohio, I started to become curious about this little hamlet.  First I discovered Stuart’s Opera House – a great venue of live music.  Then I judged a BBQ festival and explored the city a bit.  Finally, the brick sickness struck me a little over a year ago I came to appreciate Nelsonville for its blocks and bricks.  Take a look at some of the links on the right side -> there are all types of references to the fire brick production powerhouse this area was.  The Nelsonville by-pass will be completed in 2013 which means many people will pass the town by on their way to somewhere else.  If you happen to be in the area, I suggest you drop in to see what the town has to offer.

The sidewalks lining the town square (and lead to Stuart’s Opera House) are all Nelsonville Star pavers.  The streets and areas nearby showcase some other varieties as well.  Nearby are old brick kilns and a monument to bricks at Hocking College. It is worth a rest stop to  take a peek at the streets of Nelsonville.