Beechwold is an area of Columbus that is loosely defined.  Many would define it a being north of Glenmont Ave. and south of Morse Road along N. High Street.  In this section of Columbus there are now, and were many more businesses in the past with the name Beechwold in them.  There is also a Beechwold Blvd. in the area.  There were a few houses prior to 1930.  At one time the zoo was in Beechwold (a few relics of that remain).  For the most part, most of the houses in this area were made after 1945.

There is a house in the area which was built in the 1950’s which has old pavers in use for the driveway.  These must have been salvaged somewhere and used for the driveway at a later date.  The driveway is in great shape and it is a perfect use for pavers.  As I have written before, once you have these on your radar, you see them everywhere.  I know I would much rather have a block driveway than black top or concrete – the wear and tear for blocks is minimal and the upkeep not even comparable to the other alternatives – unfortunately (I did do the math) I am going to need 6000+ more bricks to consider a driveway at my place.