Frog is a term for the indentation on a brick.  This indent is used to hold the mortar between bricks…and this is also the area where named bricks are usually stamped.  In my travels, now that I know what I am looking for, I expect to find a few outside of Ohio.  There are several in Savannah Georgia (I don’t have photos of my discoveries I found there in February 2012).  I did not expect to find any in Minneapolis.  I was mistaken.  The area around the University and the riverside parks along the Mississippi River is filled with paved brick streets.

I found this Evens & Howard St. Louis brick near SE 7th Ave and SE University Ave. It was upside down but it caught my attention so I decided to flip it over to find this beauty. Who says brick foraging does not pay – I found 22 cents right by the brick.  I took the change but left the brick behind.  If you happen to be in the area – I am sure the brick will be there (by a telephone pole) until at least spring, it does not look like the students near by clean up anything.

Below is a Des Moines I found near a corner under construction on the University of Minnesota campus near the art museum.  I did not bring it home with me.