The boundary lines of Clintonville are debatable – especially to those living within this part of Columbus.  Parts of the area date back to the pre 1900’s, but much of the building and paving was in the 1920’s to the late 1940’s.  The area bounded on the south by Aracdia Ave and on the North by East North Broadway has several brick paved streets or at least sections.  There is an abandoned brick road in the Glen Echo Park near Cliffside Road.  The west side of High Street sees several brick lined streets – often intermingled with decaying asphalt.

The best example, is also the most boring.  On Como Ave, near Studio 35, the road dead ends into a rounded cul du sac.  The bricks on this road are in great shape.  There is also a small pile of the bricks under a bush at the end of the street.  A few houses on the street have old pavers as borders for flower beds and such.


Heading a bit to the west, on Como again, just to the east of Calumet, is another block paved dead ends street with well preserved blocks.

On Oakland Park Ave, no blocks are visible in the street but at least two driveways are partially paved in old Nelsonville Block pavers.


A third driveway was torn up on the summer of 2016 (I scored about 50 blocks that were being pitched from this site). The construction did provide a great cross section view of the street which you can see below. If you go down about 5 inches from the current street level, the entire base of the street is paved in what look to be Nelsonville Blocks.