At the northeast corner of the intersection of 17th Ave and 4th Ave., right by the state fairgrounds, there lies about 100 feet of history.  From the crosswalk to the bus stop, laid in a herringbone pattern are hundreds of Hayden “Bullseye” sidewalk pavers, still in use and showing little wear.  These have probably been in the same spot for 1oo years.

The students living in the converted apartments facing this sidewalk probably do not think about the fire hardened history on the ground as they rush to the bus or elsewhere.  It is not he nicest part of town, so they probably don’t see this old bricks as anything special.  However, I think about the thousands of feet that have strolled these pavers over the last 100 years – how many stories and dreams did these workers, students and professors have?  Looking nearby – you can see countless sidewalks cracking and can observe that the black top needs resurfaced every few years, but around all of this decay – these mild-mannered pavers keep plugging away.

Notice the cuts in the concrete sidewalk above.  I watched the corner being redone over the winter, the workers replaced the concrete so it would connect with the pavers properly – that took some extra effort.  Maybe that is a nod to street workers of the past from those in the present.