Name: Ashland Crown 

Dimensions: 9 inches long, 4 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches height

Features:  Large Letter A that this twice the font size of the rest of the brick

Location Found: Olentangy River

Weight: 8 lbs

Other information: Ashland Fire Brick Co. in Ashland, KY. / North American Refractories Co

Additional information from Brick Frog:  “The term “CROWN” refers to the location in the structure (kiln, furnace or whatever) that the brick is intended to be used in. To make more sense of this, some manufacturers published plans for building certain types of furnaces or kilns, and the brick used in these structures may need to be of a particular composition for the level of heat and kinds of material that are being heated in these structures, as well as the shape of the brick needed for the fit. The name enables workmen to place the proper brick in the proper place … following a sort of a “paint-by-number” scheme.