In the course of brick foraging, I often come across some interesting phenomenon.  The most curious is the “Random Block Effect”.  This appears to two forms.  Version one is in a sea of broken and mangled prospects, one unblemished, mint condition example will appear.  Version two is displayed below:  a random brick that has no relation to any of the others it is found with.  This happens fairly frequently.  There are different reasons for this.  Often bricklayers would have a few bricks left over from a job so they would use what they had at the next site – often sourcing from another company to save time.  Another reason would be a brick that was placed later as a repair.  In the example below we see a most of a Peebles Block Portsmouth (Block).  I found this is an area with hundreds of Wassall Blocks….but only one beaten up Peebles in the mix.  It was not good enough to save for my collection, which is a bummer because this is the first time to date I have encountered this style of block.