I have made a few mentions of the homeless camps I have found in my quest for blocks.  I came to know one guy pretty well and would bring treats for his dog when I hit his area. During the winter I dropped by every once in a while with some food or a pair of socks.  My original background is in human services so people who are homeless is not a shocker to me.  However, very few people know how many of them are camped out throughout Columbus, especially in Clintonville.  Most set up one or two person camps.  All have been nice and a few have offered to help me locate bricks…. I always defer pleasantly, because I find this hobby to be the perfect solitary activity for me to clear my mind.

One mystery has hounded me over the last year.  A chair seems randomly placed in a ravine.  Just one chair, nothing around it and facing looking at a ravine slope.  I have walked by it many times.  In a recent scouting mission to my “mother lode” site, I found the chair occupied by a guy speaking on a cell phone.  He was miffed to see me plodding trough the creek bed in my mud boots looking down and mumbling to myself.  He was concerned enough to get off the phone and start shouting lowly….”Buddy, hey Buddy…..are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just looking for old bricks.”



“OK, Buddy”.  Then he went back to his phone call.

As I continued along, I would sometimes hear him call out = “Buddy….are you still there, what are you doing?”

After about 30 minutes, I think the curiosity got to him or he did not believe me.  He came down the creekbed, sporting a backpack and asked me again, “What are you doing Buddy?”

This time I explained to him in great detail what I was doing and the difference between a brick and an old BRICK or BLOCK as well as what I do with them.

His eyes quickly glazed over and then he shook his head.  “OK Buddy, you keep doing that.”  He walked away back to his chair.

It seems only a few people find their way to that ravine.  Most come looking to establish a camp and have a place where they can feel safe. One of the visitors is a crazy guy looking for old bricks.