I found a tomb of Ohio Brickology, the 2008 Edition Ohio Marked Bricks by Don Dzuro.

This is a spiral bound self published book..actually, the better description would be a very, very, very long list.  I found the book by doing a Google Image search for Ohio Bricks and then after some research, I found a copy that I could get via InterLibrary Loan.

If you ever find the need to order this: The Akron-Summit County Library has the book. The call number is 691.4 D999 o.

The reason I call this a list vs. a book is that writing is scant in this tomb.  I was hoping to glean a lot of critical brickology information from the Ohio Marked Bricks.  The writing consists of a few short paragraphs of introduction where the author shares that there are 415 pages listing 1835 entries….and that additional entries, corrections, etc., can be sent to him by snail mail because he does not have a computer.

The list starts after the introduction.  The listings are in alphabetical order and numbered in each letter category.  Each listing gives a physical description with dimensions, the name of the company that made it, what city the company was in and either a small black and white photo of the brick/block or a hand drawn line drawing.  Every once in a while, there are few added lines with some history or extra details on a company.  I flipped through each page to try to determine which of my miscellaneous bricks were crafted in Ohio.

The is no index, appendix or listing of how many brick producing companies there were (it is hard to track) and the list is not comprehensive and would be impossible to do such.

Thanks Don Dzuro of Akron for the many, many hours of time invested in this helpful tool.