The best place to find bricks and blocks in the wild in the Capital City is German Village.  The area was “bricked up” in the late 1890’s to early 1900’s.  These have stood the test of time enduring the travels of feet, bikes, horse and carriage, horseless carriages and today Hummers, BMW’s and Mini Vans.

An off the beaten path street that allows you to walk a bit of history is Sycamore.  There are at least four styles represented: Nelsonville Star Side Walk Paver, another style of Sidewalk Paver. Nelsonville Block and Haydenville (9 block) Pavers.  I believe the street itself is paved with Nelsonville or Hocking Block.

The North Side of Sycamore is paved with Star Blocks for several blocks – most are in great shape.  The other pavers seem to have been added later or as patches for previous sidewalk pavers.

Below Nelsonville Block (most often placed sideways as street pavers). Another sidewalk paver and a Haydenville Paver.

There are more bricks and blocks on display in the area and that will be a future post.