I have three primary purposes in my pursuit of bricks and blocks:  1) acquire one example of each Ohio Brick, 2) Accumulate sufficient blocks to make a brick pizza oven, and 3) preserve history and share bricks with others that will use them for cool projects.

I aim for blocks and bricks that are in near perfect condition.  I had accumulated a good number that were at the 80% of less level and decided to make a brick walk way for my back yard.  It was a good amount of work.  I dug eight inches down.  Put in a layer of “pack” – ground limestone.  Added a layer of sand.  Then I placed the bricks.  The final step was filling the in the gaps and cracks with polymer sand to provide stability.  I like having a bit of history to walk on each day.  I also like recycling these discards that mostly came from a ravine in Clintonville.